KACST Boeing Workshop

 Date :  19 April 2017

A senior leadership meeting took place between KACST President, Boeing President of Saudi Arabia and the Director of Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T).  A joint Workshop has been conducted at KACST and allowed both organizations Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to jointly create technology road maps. KACST – Boeing workshop focused on potential R&D collaboration was held in 2017 at KACST. KACST supports collaborations with leading industrial companies to enable development and innovation in strategic technologies to KSA and identified 12 key sectors with the objective of the development of local content. Boeing‘s presence and collaboration with Saudi R&D leading agency strengthens mutually beneficial projects that aligned with KSA vision 2030, drive a key outcome of R&D engagement to support Boeing Saudi Arabia (BSA) and Saudi Industry. The workshop involved R&D projects to pursue under 3 tracks: Utilizing of Data Analytics for Tracking and Anomalous Detection, Rapid Manufacturing, and Advanced Materials Processes and Wargaming.