Operational Wargaming

Information and Communication

Project Description

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 for the development of decision support systems in the defense and security fields, and in strategic partnership with Boeing, the Decision Support Center (DSC) aims within the wargame project to conduct studies and develop advanced solutions by providing a model environment that simulates reality. These studies can therefore help decision makers conduct experiments to understand historical events, anticipate the future, and explore options and alternative solutions to reduce potential risks.

Wargames generally operate on three basic levels: tactical, operational, and strategic. The scope of this project focuses on the operational type of wargaming, which involves larger and major unit operations, as well as planning and conducting campaigns.

Throughout this project, the DSC plans to develop simulation models that show the high-level deployment of forces, aggregated at the Brigade (BDE) level, in an experimentation environment (including facility use, labor, and technical environments) capable of conducting a limited-objective operational wargame. In the context of historical events, the DSC team implemented various operations in Gulf War II that addressed the lessons learned from the war. In this context and with expert assistance, the DSC developed what-if scenarios to explore alternative options that could have reduced certain issues that occurred and/or to ensure the capability of the decisions made. The future context of this project will be focused on Operations Decisive Storm and Restore Hope. Within these operations, the DSC plans to develop a touch table interface that enables elements of operational wargames to be driven and manipulated from touch-enabled devices. All data will be based on open-source intelligence (OSINT).

Team Members



  • Alharith Almusa
  • Dushy Tissa
  • Mohammed Asel
  • Ahmad Alohali
  • Abdullah Alageel
  • Sami Abuhaimed