Ahad Fahad Alnasser

Researcher - Software Engineer
Decision Support Center

Ahad Alnasser is a Researcher and Software Engineer at Decision support Center(DSC) at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) with the partnership of Boeing.

Ahad graduated in 2016 from King Saud University with a B.S. degree in Information Technology, specializing in Database management. Her graduation project was about “Smartwatch assistant for elderly people” won several awards. She received the First-Class honors.    

At DSC, Ahad is working as part of wargaming project that provides a model environment that simulates reality, which by then help the decision-makers conduct experiments to understand historical event, anticipate the future, and explore options and alternative solutions to reduce potential risks. In addition to that, she is working in building web-based Decision Support Engine that works as advanced simulation and modeling and data analytics tools to support decision makers in defense and security sectors.

Ahad’s interests include modeling and simulation, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Game Development , Design and Graphics, Robotics and Data Management.