Mohammed N. Alhamadi

The Decision Support Center

Mohammed Alhamadi has been a researcher at KACST since 2008 after completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. He worked on image processing research projects to encode and decode Datamatrix 2D barcodes. He received a patent for an idea that enabled doubling the number of Arabic characters that can be encoded in a 2D barcode. After completing his Master's degree in Software Engineering from University of Melbourne in 2011, he published a paper in wireless sensor networks and then worked on several natural language processing research projects (News Articles Summarization, Automatic Essay Scoring). Mohammed currently works at The Decision Support Center at KACST as a technical assistant to the DSC director and the head of the technical support department.

List of Publications

  • Al-Omari, H.K., Khorsheed, M.S., Alhamadi, M.N., Al-Mutairy, Y.A., & Alqahtani, K.H. Method of encoding and decoding text on a matrix code symbol (2013). European Patent Number EP2442256 B1.
  • Alzaid, H., Alhamadi, M., Alqwaiz, I., Alfaraj, M., & Shahid, I. (2015). A Taxonomy of Wireless Sensor Networks Hardware. IWCMC 2015 Wireless Sensor Symposium. Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  • Alsanie, W.A., ALKANHAL, M.I., AL-QABBANY, A.O., & Alhamadi, M.N. Method and system for automatically scoring an essay using plurality of linguistic levels (2017). United States Patent Application 20170140659. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.